Chemical free water treatment

Closed Loop

As they say, prevention is better than cure!

Baudains Trade Supplies have partnered with Elysator UK – a chemical free solution meeting VDI2035, Europe’s most stringent water quality standard.

In theory, water should not come in to contact with air within a closed system. This limits the chance of contamination.  However, as closed systems are very rarely truly closed, they are not maintenance-free.

The reality is that the boilers, chillers, plant and pipework which heat and cool buildings are very likely to contain dirt, debris, mill scale, particulate matter and, potentially, biofilm.

All the above can be introduced during the installation process. If these are left in the system, they will significantly affect the performance of the systems and lead to general decline and increased wear.

Using sacrificial magnesium anodes to extract oxygen, acid and aggressive salts from the water, the Elysator addresses both the symptoms and root cause of corrosion within recirculation heating and cooling systems, helping you to protect your assets

Potable Water

Where a tradional & possibly expensive / bulky water softner is needed why not look at the Aquabion range. Maintenance free and compact, the Aquabon does the job without the need of chemicals or salts. Thats good for you and the environment. 

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