Welcome to V12

When it comes to tough resilient footwear that offers safety and comfort, V12 lead the way. They have developed a diverse range of work wear boots for the toughest industries around the world.

V12 only produce safety footwear and accessories, this means that all of their development time & money goes into ensuring that your feet are protected, comfortable and dry! Their range concentrates on the major industrial sectors in the UK. Find the right type for you and discover how V12 produce unbeatably tough footwear with you in mind.

Oil & Gas 

Cold, wet and highly flammable - typical conditions for an oil rig worker...and their boots. Designed with oil and gas industry experts, all our boots are created to keep you confident on your feet and comfortable on long shifts, whatever the weather throws at you


Working with liquids, cutting tools, sharp materials and heavy machinery is a hazardous job. Not to mention long hours spent on your feet. We’ve designed a range of boots and shoes for engineers and those in the industry to protect and support them every step of the way.


In construction, the last things you want to be worrying about are your shoes. Heavy tools and equipment, plus wet mixes and cement lime all add up to a rich variety of hazards, from wet scaffold planks to trip hazards and ladder falls. That’s why our construction boots are some of the best all-rounders we make.


Always up against nature, working in agriculture is unpredictable. Of particular concern to us was the danger of crushing from machinery, animals and farming equipment. On top of that, manure is extremely corrosive so we knew we had to make a range that pulled its weight.


Difficult installations, emergency call outs and quick fixes - just an average day for utility workers across the country. Footwear in this industry has to be just as multi-talented. From long periods of standing, to the danger of ladder slips, we’ve thought of everything a utilities boot needs to be to stand up to the job.


Working out on track can be unforgiving and dangerous, with live rails ever present. Loose ballasts present a potential for slips and falls and overnight works can mean damp cold conditions. Our comfortable and reliable footwear means you can get the job done quickly and efficiently, without a trip.


You will find a large stock of V-Tec V12 safety footwear here at BTS, however if we do not have them we are happy to order them in for you within approximately 5 days and will deliver free of charge (Guernsey addresses only).