Rockfall Safety Footwear & Accessories

A multi-award-winning second-generation family owned business, Rock Fall has positioned itself at the forefront of the safety footwear industry through world first innovations that provide solutions to the ever-changing demands of modern businesses.

Baudains Trade Supplies are delighted to work in partnership with Rockfall. The organisation is proud of its British heritage and our country’s position as a world leader in Health and Safety.

By Industry

  • Chemical
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Cold temperature
  • Electronics
  • Facilities management
  • Airports & freight
  • Security
  • Utilities


Rock Fall have a strong track record of developing world first products which range from Internal Metatarsal Protection, Electrical Hazard protection for the European market and outstanding performance in extreme temperatures variances from -40°C to 300°C.

For further information about our Rockfall range or to place a special order please email