Nautilus 400 Flood Defence System

The Nautilus 400 flood defence system is designed to offer a more robust solution that can span a greater distance than the Nautilus 200. So if your property is at risk of flooding & is located on the coast or in a hostile environment then this system could suit your application.  


  • Board height 400mm
  • Board Thickness 25mm
  • Compression post required over 1700mm
  • Minimum height 400mm
  • Rails available, face fixed, reveal & bespoke

Suitable for 

  • Coastal environments
  • Wider spans
  • Hostile environments


Located in Guernsey the BTS Storage Centre can design, supply, install & maintain your flood defence requirements.

If your project requires a different solution please see our Flood Defence page.   

Bespoke solutions are available, for a site survey or maintenance plan please call 07781 124641, 01481 248822 or email