Nautilus 200 & 300 Flood Defence System

The Nautilus 200 & 300 system is designed to offer protection to commercial and residential areas that are at risk of flooding. It can also be used to protect larger forecourts, streets and driveways, and yet it is easy to assemble and take down when necessary.

Available with sections either 200mm or 300mm high with a thickness of 16mm, the BTS Storage Centre can design, supply, deliver & install to your requirements. 

Coastal requirement? Please see the Nautilus 400 range


  • Board height 200mm or 300mm
  • Board thickness 16mm
  • Compression post required over 1700mm
  • Minimum height 200mm or 300mm

Suitable for

  • Commercial 
  • Larger residential requirements
  • Forecourts
  • Streets
  • Driveways


If your project requires a different solution please see our Flood Defence page. This has all of the systems available.  

Bespoke solutions are available, for a site survey please call 07781 124641, 01481 248822 or email