Underfloor Heating

The underfloor heating market in the UK has grown considerably in the last 12 years from around £10m to over £150m per year.

Underfloor heating is now the heating method of choice for many domestic applications and is being increasingly used in a wide range of commercial buildings such as schools, hospitals and offices as well as in modern housing developments.

Maincor underfloor heating is designed to European and British Standards with thousands of plumbing and heating engineers trained to install underfloor heating, putting their tried and trusted heating system in safe hands.

Maincor offers underfloor heating systems in 16mm and 20mm pipe diameters with a range of manifolds, controls, and accessories to help create the ideal system.

Floor Constructions

Maincor underfloor systems can be used with many different floor constructions. 

  • Solid
  • Low profile dry screed board
  • Suspended floors
  • Low profile floating floor

How does it work?

Underfloor heating works through warm water pumped through pipes laid in the floor of the room. Much lower water temperatures are required as the large surface area of the floor is enough to warm the room efficiently as the heat rises. An underfloor heating system will generally run at around 45 degrees as opposed to 80 degrees used in radiator systems, which means that there are energy and running cost savings, especially when used with renewable heat sources such as heat pumps.


  • Comfort – A correctly designed and installed system runs efficiently and supports the body’s natural requirements for warm feet and cool head. The heat is uniformly rising from the floor, rather than having warm pockets around radiators
  • Aesthetics – Underfloor heating creates complete freedom of interior design with no radiators to worry about, you can use every square inch of space can be used for room layouts
  • Silence – Underfloor Heating is virtually silent when running
  • Low Maintenance – No need for manual operations, such as bleeding or painting radiators
  • Cost effective – Lower water temperature means lower energy, means lower heating bills
  • Individual room control – Rooms are heated on an individual basis – for example the bedroom can be at a different temperature from the living room
  • Healthy living – Slower moving air particulates makes underfloor heating the system of choice for asthmatics. Floors dry quicker after cleaning, reducing slip hazard. Underfloor heating also eliminates the risk of contact burns and collision damage from radiators
  • Environment – lower fuel usage means lower CO2 emissions, better for the environment
  • Fast design & quotation service


If you have an upcoming project would just like to know more please email us at sales@btsgsy.com.