TA balancing, control and actuators

Hydronic balancing is the key to achieving peak performance in HVAC systems. It helps give you control at every turn and ensure that you can create safe, comfortable and energy efficient indoor climates at minimum operating cost.

Their extensive range of innovative Balancing, Control and Actuation products have been refined and improved over many years of research and development. They deliver industry-leading solutions that help you effectively manage individual system elements to achieve high performing HVAC installations. ​​

Product Range

  • Balancing Valves

TA’s comprehensive range of balancing valves deliver accurate control and hydronic performance and are particularly suited for use on the secondary side in heating and cooling systems or tap water applications.

Made from long-lasting, corrosion and leak resistant AMETAL® or stainless steel, the digital handwheel makes them easy to set, a positive shut off function simplifies essential maintenance and self-sealing measuring points help you quickly and efficiently achieve optimal balance and control.​​​

  • Control Valves

Giving you control at every turn is what our range of control valves is all about. TA produce an unparalleled range of standard control valves, combined balancing and control valves, prefabricated heating interface units and actuators that help you simply and effectively achieve optimal balance and control. Suitable for multiple heating and cooling applications, including zone and room control, flow measurement, differential pressure and temperature control, every valve in our range is made from corrosion and leak-resistant AMETAL® and will provide long-lasting durability and optimal hydronic balancing.

  • Actuators

This extensive range of innovative actuators include all you could need for energy-efficient performance, reliability and optimal balance and control at every turn. We provide an actuator for every type of heating, cooling and air conditioning challenge and many benefit from unique design features that set them apart from similar products. So if you're looking for a broad range of actuators that are easy to commission and configure, simple to maintain and capable of delivering years of trouble-free service, then we have a solution.​

  • Differential Pressure Controllers

This range of differential pressure controllers, combined Δp controller, balancing and control valves and differential pressure relief valves deliver accurate and stable control, minimise noise and help you simplify balancing and commissioning procedures in heating and cooling systems.​

  • Prefab Units

We provide a range of Prefab units, including differential pressure controllers for heating systems, control loops for control circuits, 2-way control circuits for temperature control and bypass assemblies. They are ideal for a range of HVAC applications, are easy to install and commission and will help you achieve perfect balance and control.​


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