Profiles, nosings & treads

GRP Profiles

Fibergrid's range of Pultruded Profiles includes kick plates, round tubes, square tubes, equal angles, I beams and wide flange beams - amongst others. Each profile is a structural composite and handles different load requirements with ease. They are light, making them easy to use during the construction process and resistant to many chemicals. FibreGrid's wide range of profiles means there's something to suit most projects; providing a product that combines thermal and electric non-conductivity, stability and strength. What's more, if any of the standard shapes are not suitable, custom profiles can be created - simply contact FibreGrid to discuss your requirement.


GRP Stair Nosings & Treads

Our range of anti slip stair tread covers and landing covers meet the highest standard in both safety and durability. Ideal for industrial, commercial or public stairways and landings, the SlipGrip range can be applied to a variety of surfaces, including concrete, steel and wood on either new or worn out steps.

FibreGrid’s SlipGrip anti slip stair tread covers have been installed in a variety of commercial and industrial premises, from golf clubs to railway stations to foot bridges. And due to the high level of chemical resistance, the range is ideal for any type of workplace, given that the covers can be applied to a wide range of substrates.

SlipGrip fibreglass GRP (glass reinforced plastic) stair tread covers and landing covers are FibreGrid’s most durable solution to slippery steps. If you are looking to apply anti slip stair tread covers to stairs with medium to high levels of traffic, particularly in public areas, then SlipGrip’s GRP range is the best solution. SlipGrip GRP covers are made by pultrusion through a steel die rather than the hand lay-up method, meaning they are far more durable than other covers on the market.

SlipGrip self-adhesive PVC backed anti slip stair tread covers are an ideal solution to areas of light traffic or areas where a temporary solution is needed. Easy and quick to apply, these stair tread covers offer an affordable alternative to the SlipGrip GRP range.

The SlipGrip range is DDA compliant, Building Regulations compliant, and available in a wide range of colours and grades. Cut-to-size and installation services are offered to all customers, so call us today for a quote.