Fire Stop - Passive fire protection compartmentation solutions

As fire prevention is a crucial consideration for those who are responsible for the design, specification and construction of new and refurbished buildings, Fischer has developed a range of passive fire protection products. 

Exclusive to BTS, these products will help to reduce the spread of fire, smoke and toxic gases, and greatly increase life safety of occupants and protection of property. 

Products available

  • Intumescent Acoustic Mastic FiAM 
  • Fire Rated Silicone Sealant FFRS
  • Rapid Fire Seal RFS 640
  • Fire I Barr ElastoSeal FFB-ES
  • Universal FireStopping Sealant UFS 310
  • Intumescent Graphite Mastic FiGM
  • Foam Barrier System PLUS
  • Intumescent Pipe Wraps FiPW
  • Intumescent Wrap Strip FiWS
  • Fire Collar FFC
  • Cast in Device FCID
  • Intumescent Pillows FiP
  • Intumescent Putty Pad FiPP
  • Coated Panel System FCPS
  • FireStop Compound FFSC
  • VentiStop Cavity Barrier - FFB VS 
  • Cavity FireStop Clad FCFcl
  • FireStop Foam
  • Thermal Defense Wrap TDW


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