Durapipe UK

Durapipe UK are a leading manufacturer of high performance, thermoplastic pipework systems. With 60 years of experience, their portfolio of products are widely used around the World for many different applications in many different sectors.

At Baudains Trade Supplies we have the knowledge, experience and expertise to ensure that whether it be pressure pipework for the conveyance of different media such as water, fuel or more aggressive fluids or specialist drainage pipework, the solution will be found within the Durapipe range.

Durapipe products are sold and used in a variety of different applications around the World and a number of individual market leading brands are united within Durapipe UK. These include Durapipe, Vulcathene, and Guardian, each of which are leading pipework brands within specific markets.

Durapipe SuperFLO ABS - For chilled and cold water applications

  • Durapipe SuperFLO ABS is a plastic piping system for chilled and cold water applications & other environmental control systems.
  • SuperFLO ABS is a solvent welded, fully matched pipework system incorporating pipe, fittings & valves that is available in both imperial and metric sizes.
  • The system provides a wide temperature range and the system remains extremely ductile even at temperatures as low as -40⁰C.
  • Furthermore, ABS is extremely lightweight and is much easier to handle on-site than traditional materials especially during installation which can significantly reduce both time and cost.

​​​​​​​​Vulcathene - Laboratory chemical drainage system

  • Vulcathene is a purpose-designed and engineered laboratory drainage system that has been specified and installed as a safe solution for transporting chemical waste from the laboratories of schools, universities, hospitals, research facilities and industrial environments worldwide for more than 65 years.
  • The only system BBA approved for laboratory drainage, Vulcathene offers the widest range of bench items including sinks, drip cups and anti-siphon and dilution recovery traps to enable the design and specification of a complete chemical drainage laboratory system.
  • The choice of two easy jointing methods, Mechanical for demountable joints and Enfusion (electrofusion) for welded joints, allows flexibility in design, installation efficiencies and ease of system extensions and maintenance. For further information or for specification or installation advice call 01481 248822 – email us.

Friaphon - Sound reducing drainage system

  • A purpose-designed sound reducing drainage system complete with soundproof fittings, that offers outstanding sound insulation properties compared with traditional cast iron or lagged single wall plastic drainage systems.
  • Friaphon is constructed with dual layer technology and offers exceptional sound reduction properties from noises emitted by sanitary installations in buildings with recorded sound levels as low as 15dB(A).
  • Lower material costs coupled with speed of installation and no need for lagging, means Friaphon offers significant cost savings over cast iron and single wall plastic drainage systems.
  • Friaphon is the UK's best plastic drainage pipe system with built-in soundproof properties.

Durapipe HTA - C-PVC pipework for Hot & Cold water

  • Durapipe HTA® is a complete C-PVC pipework system for domestic hot and cold water services, providing secure, quicker and easier installations. Durapipe HTA is a cost-effective alternative to copper.
  • Significant cost savings can be achieved against copper due to the installed time savings available via the simple jointing method and the product being lightweight.
  • Durapipe HTA offers a 50 year design-life and due to the high quality material the system remains limescale free and corrosion resistant, leading to a continual smooth bore and subsequent system efficiency through optimum water flow.
  • In addition, Durapipe HTA offers excellent fire resistance and also helps combat the growth of biofilms.

Durapipe PLX - for safe fuel transfer

  • Durapipe PLX is a complete range of dedicated fusion-welded pipework systems for the safe transfer of fuels. Suitable for use with leaded, unleaded petroleum, including ethanol rich alternative fuels (E85), diesel, bio-diesel and fuel oils.
  • The Durapipe PLX range represents a major innovation in pipework technology as it offers the ultimate in environmental protection with maximum protection against permeation and leak free joints.
  • Durapipe PLX is fully compliant with the Institute of Petroleum Performance Specification - Issue 2 for under ground pipework systems.


For further information on the Durapipe range, advice or to book a site survey please call us on 248822 or contact us.