Aquatherm PP-R fire sprinkler pipe

While other materials can corrode and weaken over time, Aquatherm PP-R fire sprinkler pipe is always ready when you need it the most. 

Exclusive to BTS, Aquatherm Red Pipe is specially formulated for fire protection systems in concealed light-hazard applications. For multipurpose systems, Aquatherm Green Pipe can be integrated with the potable water system to provide fire protection.

In both systems, the high flow rates allow for mains and branches to be run through the building rather than many individual pipes, keeping the system simple and efficient. External fittings do not restrict flow throughout the system. Fusion outlets allow for a fast, flexible, and reliable installation.

Unlike many other plastic materials, polypropylene is completely non-toxic, even under full combustion, eliminating the threat of dangers smoke and fumes. Heat-fused connections won’t leak or blow apart, protecting the building from water damage and flooding. Using Aquatherm Red Pipe makes the systems we all count on to keep us safe even safer.

If you are searching for a fire sprinkler pipe with virtually leak-free connections and long-term corrosion resistance, Aquatherm Red Pipe is the best choice for protecting property and lives.


  • High flow rates
  • Heat fused connections
  • Fast flexible installation
  • Non toxic


To ensure maximum performance and value in fire sprinkler applications, we have modified our patented resin to create Fusiolen PP-R FS, combining unmatched quality and simple installation with flame resistance.

Like other Aquatherm systems, Red Pipe is joined using heat fusion. Combining the pipe and fittings via heat fusion ensures that the system has no weaknesses or fail points.

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