Van Vault

Van Vault are the UK’s number 1 provider of premium vehicle and on-site security box solutions, they pride themselves on developing the most comprehensive choice of durable & innovative security products designed to deter the most intelligent of thieves. Launched in 1998, Van Vault have grown in the UK to become recognised as one of the leading mobile security container brands.

We supply

  • Van Vault 2 - The original high security steel storage box for commercial vehicles. Size (External) 920(L) x 555(D) x 490(H)
  • MOBI - portable storage container for tool protection. Size (External) 780(L) x 455(D) x 365(H)
  • Outback - for open backed vehicles. Size (External) 1369(L) x 596(W) x 490(H)
  • Tipper - for tipper style vehicles safguarding tools from theft and the weather. Size (External) 1815(L) x 488(D) x 557(H)
  • Slider - Low vis floor drawer systems. Size (External) 1205(L) x 500(D) x 312(H)
  • Slim Slider - Low vis floor systems. Size (External) 1205(L) x 1000(D) x 188(H)


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