Tevo Limited is part of the Modul-System group, the world's leading manufacturer of modular racking solutions for service vehicles. Their head office is located in Sweden and they have ten subsidiaries in Europe and Asia. In addition, they have global coverage through their partner network. Modul-System is part of the Lifco group, which is listed on the Swedish stock exchange.

Commercial vehicles

Through Tevo Ltd, BTS are able to convert your empty van into a fully operational service vehicle. From a little to a lot the possibilities from Tevo are endless.

We supply 

Van racking






Tevo's container solutions combine their racking systems with various types of containers to suit your specific requirements. In addition to the racking system, complete turnkey solutions are supplied with electricity, ventilation, insulation and decals. 

The containers are ideal for industries such as construction and installation, oil and gas, shipping and energy. The potential combinations are virtually infinite and are put together in consultation with the dealer. Containers are available in sizes ranging from 8 to 40 feet, and can be either purchased or rented pre-installed with Modul-System racking.


The Modul-System workshop solution from Tevo enables you to present a professional image to your customers. Thanks to the products being modular, you can get a completely customised solution, tailor-made for your business. 

In addition to the Tevo static range, we also offer lockable trolleys for efficient storage of, for example, hand and machine tools. The trolleys are fitted with high-quality industrial wheels, which means that they can be moved around easily on all surfaces.