Covers & Snorkels

Air Bricks

Air bricks are low level vents located around your home to prevent the sub-floor void from rotting. Unfortunately, they are one of the major weaknesses for water to enter your property in a flood.

If you are installing a flood barrier on your property you must ensure that any air bricks are covered. 


Air brick covers allow you to maintain necessary air flow to your property, ensuring you do not suffer from damp rot. 

Simply install the cover onto the frame when installing your flood defence system.

Air brick flood covers require a permanent frame to be installed around air bricks. The red flood cover is removeable and can be installed in seconds.


Snorkels are fitted permanently and help raise the air inlet ensuring no water can enter.

We stock a both snorkels and covers at the BTS Storage Centre. For more info please contact us on 248822 or email 

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