With our supply network including compressors from ABAC, Draper & SIP we have a great selection to choose from. The 3 common types are belt driven, direct drive and screw. Each type varies in size and price, which one you require depends on the application you are using it for. 

The main factors you have to consider are: 

Stationary or portable: 

  • What is the compressor being used for
  • how often and do you need to move it

Power source

  • 240v
  • 110v
  • 3 phase

Tank size 

  • Application
  • Tools & accessories used 

Pump type

  • Direct drive, great for general purpose workshop applications
  • Belt drive, quieter operation, semi professional use
  • Screw, top of the range professional application. High continuous output of air 


Once you have considered the points above you can then decide which brand you want. Based on warranty offered and quality of build, products can vary dramatically based on the budget you have.